Sunday, May 24, 2009

What To Do When At a Car Park Alone

Jasmine loves to spend her time at the shopping mall after work. When she reaches the mall, the parking lot is always full and she often has to park her car in an isolated place. Sometimes, she catches a late night movie and it ends close to midnight. At that time, the basement car park is empty and even though it is brightly lit, Jasmine is worried for her safety when she recalls the rape stories she has read in the newspapers. What can do?

Inspector-General of Police,YBhg. Tan Sri Musa Dato' Hj Hassan says there are three things Jasmine could do:-
  1. Try to get the security guard of the mall to accompany her to the parking lot.
  2. Make sure she has with her something that she can use to protect herself in case she attacked,for example pepper spray or a whistle.
  3. Clutch her handbag tightly when walking towards her car and be wary of strangers tailing her or hiding somewhere waiting for an opportunity to strike.

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